Taqueria Replaces Wild Oats, Pastore Adds Lunch, and other Mouthwatering Underbelly News

Aug 24, 2023

IT’S BEEN MORE than a year since founder Chris Shepherd and Underbelly Hospitality parted ways, and the restaurant group has continued to evolve. Soon the group will welcome Comalito, a taqueria in partnership with Nixt, a Mexico City-based restaurant group led by internationally renowned chef Luis Robledo Richards. Scheduled to open this fall, it will operate in the space currently occupied by the group’s Texas-inspired concept, Wild Oats, at the Houston Farmers Market. Wild Oats will close Sept. 4 and reopen in October in its new Spring Branch outpost in hopes to cater to families. Underbelly Burger will also join burgeoning Spring Branch this fall with a second location next to Wild Oats.